I am always looking for helmets to buy. Either for re-sale or for my own collection. I will consider individual pieces as well as entire collections. I am an active buyer of helmets and I also accept consignments.

Selling your helmet to me: If you have a helmet that you wish to offer to me for sale, send me clear quality photographs. If possible, let me know the price that you want. If we agree on a price, send me the helmet via post. I will examine it for authenticity and assuming that all is OK, I will forward payment to you by Paypal or by post. If the helmet is found to be unacceptable for reasons of authenticity (that I was not able to determine from the photographs) I will return the helmet to you at my cost.

If you send me your helmet and, after examining it, I agree to the purchase, you can be assured that you will receive payment from me immediately. I have a well established business and an excellent reputation within the collecting community. You will experience no delays and no excuses from me. Payment will be immediate and in whatever form you desire.


Consignments: If you wish to sell a helmet on my site via consignment, this is possible. I charge 20% of the sale price. My site is quite popular and is checked many times each day by people looking for helmets to buy. Many helmets sell within hours of being posted. The commission fee that I charge will bring you maximum exposure and a fairly good chance of a quick sale. If a helmet is accepted by me for consignment, it will be clearly photographed, honestly described and will be offered for sale backed up by my Guarantee of authenticity.


Consignment terms are as follows: If you have a helmet for sale and wish to consign it to me, contact me with photos of the helmet and a price that you wish to get for it. Remember that I will add 20% to that price to cover my commission. If we come to an agreement, you can send your helmet to me. I will examine it to assure its authenticity. I will photograph it, write a description and post it onto my website. When it sells, I will collect the payment from the buyer, send the helmet to him and wait for confirmation that he has received it and accepts it. Then I will forward the proceeds to the consigner via a check or Paypal transfer.

If I receive a helmet from a consignor and find that it is not suitable, be reason of authenticity, for addition to my site. I will return the helmet to the consignor. Helmets sold though "German Helmets inc." carry my Guarantee of authenticity. I will not offer for sale a helmet that is of dubious originality.


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 E-mail address: wii1944@aol.com

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