As worn by The Imperial German army 1916-1918

"German Helmets inc." offers the finest available completely restored Model 1916 and Model 1918 German helmets.

 Original Helmet shells have been repainted in the correct grey green smooth finish. The liners, specially made by leather craftsmen in Europe are constructed of the correct grades of leather and finished to exact original specifications. The split-pins used to mount the liners are exact reproductions and include the thicker headed one at the rear.

    Each helmet comes complete with correct chinstrap


A note on sizing;

    M1916 liners being a bit more primitive than the later WW2 liners, allow for a wider size tolerance. Meaning simply, bigger heads fit into smaller helmet shell sizes than their WW2 counterparts. In each pad of the liner there is a pocket into which a padding "pillow" can be inserted. These helmets come without "pillows".  As such, these helmets are slightly oversized. The buyer can add padding as needed. Without padding, a size 66 helmet shell can fit up to a size 7 3/4 hat-size.



NEW! M16 helmets with camouflage paint



A lot of people have been asking me for these. I always tell them that I don't do camo helmets and I certainly will not age any camo helmets. But I must admit that I have always been a fan of M16 camouflage helmets so I decided to try my hand. I take the pattern directly from the Ludendorf order of March 1918 where it is described that the camouflage should be of three colors (Green,Brown and Ocher) applied in angular shapes with finger-wide black separation lines.  If it becomes popular, I will paint more. But please do not ask for custom paint jobs. I don't want to get into the business of trying to transpose onto a helmet shell; whatever design may be going through your head. I do the design myself. I make the pattern up as I go along. Generally it is inspired by originals that I own.

The helmet offered here happens to be  an original BF64 (I will not touch any reproduction M16-18 helmets as I find they are ALL of deplorable quality) The liner components are reproduction and the paint was done by me in my shop. Price is $300.00


Model 1916 Helmets

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        M16 helmet size 


Helmet Size 64 (liner size 56-58)

   $289.00   Available

Helmet Size 66 (liner size 58-60)

   $329.00   Available

Helmet Size 68 (liner size 61-63)

   $459.00   SOLD OUT   ( no idea when I will have more )




               CLICK on any of these images to see full size picture:


   The M1918 helmet differed from the more common M1916 helmet by way of its chinstrap arrangement. In 1918 the Germans did away with the old and inefficient M91 chinstrap posts. The M1918 chinstrap was connected directly to D-rings attached to the metal liner band. With the M1918 helmet shell, note the lack of M91 chinstrap posts and the lack of the rivet seen on the side exterior.

   The Restored M1918 helmets offered by "German Helmets inc." feature hard to find original M1918 Helmet shells repainted with the correct grey-green color and fitted with original metal liner bands that have had the leather pads replaced with new European-made reproductions. The reproduction chinstrap that is installed is the best available copy, made with special stamped hardware, carbine snap-hook and realistic maker stamps in the leather.

        M18 helmet size                 Price                         
Helmet Size 64 (liner size 56-58)

   $369.00   SOLD OUT

Helmet Size 66 (liner size 58-60)

 $399.00   SOLD OUT

Helmet Size 68 (liner size 61-63)

$459.00  SOLD OUT


For a further explanation of the differences between the M16, M17 and M18 helmets of Imperial Germany, consult the "Frequently asked questions" page.



   Helmet restoration services

There are those that have their own WW1 German helmet and prefer to have it restored rather than buy a complete helmet. I can offer the following services:

Complete Helmet rebuild: I will repaint your helmet shell with specially mixed "feld grau" paint, install a new reproduction liner and split-pins and install a new reproduction chinstrap. Price $155.00 + $25.00 return postage.

Complete helmet repaint: If your helmet is already complete, I will repaint your helmet shell and split-pins with specially mixed "feld grau" paint. (camouflage schemes are not offered at this time). Price: $60.00 + $25.00 return postage.

Partial helmet rebuild: There are those who have trouble assembling their helmets. If you buy the components from me and want them to be correctly installed into your helmet, I will do this free of charge. Just send your helmet to me along with payment for whichever components you require and I will assemble and return the helmet via USPS priority mail at your expense ($25.00 postage per helmet)

If you need something done to your helmet that is not listed here, contact me.


** I will attend to the work on your helmet with the same attention to detail as I do my own.  I will not lose your helmet nor damage it. I will not loan it to friends to wear at wild parties, nor will I dump it at the local pawn shop. Your helmet will not be bounced down the street, used for target practice nor worn by me during inappropriate activities. **

In short; Your helmet will be well-treated, correctly restored and promptly returned.

Most Helmet services can be completed and ready to return to the customer within 7 days of my receiving the helmet. All services are to be paid at the time that the helmet is sent to me. Customer must add $25.00 for cost of return postage + any insurance costs. Any helmet shell sent to me for restoration/repainting must first be prepared by the customer. In most cases, this entails simply making certain that the helmet surface is smooth. What you send to me is what I will paint.  I do not fill in rust pits. I do not weld cracks. I do not fill in bullet holes or reshape helmets that have suffered grievous damage from being run-over, blown-up, burned, melted or that have fallen victim to calamities either natural or man-made.




(Really, I am not making this stuff up!)

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Testimonials sent directly to me:

"...the restored M16 helmet that arrived has far exceeded my expectations. The color is spot-on perfect, Ken is a true "helmet artist". This level of quality workmanship and value is hard to find, thanks again Ken. Stanford in Alaska"- Stanford

"...I returned home from work to find my new M40. Excellent work, and exceptional service and delivery (less than a week to Australia!). I will definitely be using your services again." - Brad

"...My M35 German helmet is the best purchase yet for my new " War Room".  Very happy with the top quality and Ken lives up to his reputation.  Received my helmet in a week and the decals set in place with no problems. You can't go wrong when dealing with this guy." - Bert

"...I received my M16 in the mail yesterday after only a 3 day wait, and I must say that I am absolutely, 100% pleased with your work. The paint is absolutely spot on; these helmets are a great deal. I will definitely be sure to recommend you and your business in the future" - Brandon

"...I received the restored M16 and M18 helmets today.  They are absolutely fantastic!  They are phenomenal and look factory new, as if someone saved them unused all these years as museum pieces.  I am extremely pleased". -Nicholas

"...I received my M.1916 Stalhelm from you yesterday, and I was so excited! The helmet was perfect, perfect! Thank you for such great products and really fast shipping!" -James

"...I received my M16 helmet today, it is absolutely gorgeous! I wanted to use it for reenacting but it's almost too nice to use in the field. I've always wanted one of these helmets and when I finally purchased one, I'm glad it was from you. Thanks again, especially for the prompt shipment. We'll do business again in the future for sure!" -Matt,

"...The helmet arrived yesterday and it looks awesome. ... I appreciate you putting the time and effort into this. You truly know your craft. Again thanks."- Steve

"...helmets arrived today . I thought I had stepped into a time warp and catapulted back to 1916 and  1935  , these helmets appear to have just come hot off the production line . I couldn't have wished for a better quality reconditioned pair of helmets .  Outstanding workmanship" - Vic

"... I just wanted to write to let you know that I received the M16 helmet this afternoon. It is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you so much for your quick delivery, and an excellent product. I'm planning to pick up an M35 in the near future, and you'll definitely be the first person I go to". - Peter

"... Fantastic work. I couldn't ask for better" - Matt

"... I had given up hope finding  somebody who offers restored WW1 helmets. The one I got from you certainly fits the bill!" - Bill

"....Just received the 1916 German helmet I ordered from you, and I just want to let you know that I am extremely pleased with it. It's in beautiful shape. Your restoration work is outstanding, and I am very happy to add it to my collection. - Steve

"...I am thrilled with my 1918 German helmet!! Fantastic job!!! - Ray

"... I received the M-16 today and I am very pleased. You did a great job on the finish. The reproduction components are very true to the originals as well. - Dave

"..The Model 1916 Stahlhelm arrived at my office today and I patiently waited to get it home all the while eagerly anticipating the unpacking like a little kid. Well, I must say I was not disappointed. The helmet is all I had hoped it would be and looks virtually identical to the beauty that you have on your website. Thanks. It will find a welcome place amidst my picklehauben! - Bill

"...I received the M16 helmet today...what a great piece of work.  Its exactly like an unissued one I saw in a museum here in Germany.- Chris

"...I received my M 1916 Helmet in the post today and may I say that I was very pleased. You have done an exceptional job and I am 100% satisfied with your product. Thank you for supplying such an exceptional service combined with extraordinary workmanship, there are very few like you around. I will be in touch with another order soon and once again,  thanks a million. - Mike   

 "...I took the WW1 German helmet that I bought from you and compared it with an original one in my friend's collection. The only difference was that yours was in "as-new" condition.....All I can say is, keep up the good work! - Phil   


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